» Areas of Expertise

We offer legal advice and we represent our clients in administrative and in court proceedings.

If necessary, we can rely on a large network of experts, such as trustees, notaries, tax experts and business consultants.

We practice in the following areas:

Employees and Employers Details
  • wage claims, overtime etc.
  • job termination and its consequences
  • non-competition clauses and non-disclosure agreements
  • employment contracts (review / drafting)
  • Job references (review / drafting)
Inheritance and Estate PlanningDetails
  • last wills, inheritance contracts
  • estate planning
  • support in succession planning
  • inheritance actions (inheritance claims, estate distribution, reduction, waiver of succession, protective measures etc.)
  • execution of wills
Family and PartnershipDetails
  • divorce und separation (Eheschutz)
  • child law (alimony, visiting rights, custody, care etc.)
  • adult protection law (living wills, designation of power of attorneys, guardianships etc.)
  • marriage and cohabitation agreements
Liability and InsuranceDetails
  • enforcement and defence of liability and tort claims
  • social security law
  • claims handling and support regarding liability cases
Debt Collection and BankruptcyDetails
  • debt collection
  • defending against unjustified claims
  • bankruptcies
  • trustee mandates in bankruptcy proceedings
  • drafting and review of various forms of contracts
  • conducting contract negotiatons
  • enforcement of contractual claims
Criminal LawDetails
  • criminal defence
  • representation of injured parties (victim assistance)
  • drug offences
  • traffic offences
Living, Real Estate, Construction Details
  • tenancy law (tenants and landlords)
  • neighbourhood disputes
  • construction worker's lien
  • real estate management, rental concepts
  • purchase and sale of real estate
Public Authorities, AdministrationDetails
  • construction

» For Companies

We support and advise companies (SME) in any legal matters. We offer tailor-made solutions adapted to your specific needs.
Please contact us regarding our package deals.

  • start-up
  • mutations
  • administrative services (legal residences, management, secretariat)
Business ServicesDetails
  • external legal counsel
  • debt collection
  • regulations, contracts, guidelines
Training Details
  • provision of training courses
  • professional training

» Fees

Hourly rate plus expenses and VAT depending on the complexity and the amount in dispute of the respective case. In some cases, we offer package deals.

If you have a legal expenses insurance, we will be happy to negotiate with the insurer to clarify whether insurance coverage exists.

In case of insufficient financial means, we will examine whether you are entitled to free legal aid.